SBCC Summer Jazz Camp is a 6-week jazz immersion program for instrumentalists and vocalists of all skill levels and ages. The combination of virtual workshops, personalized instruction, student performances will allow participants of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to come together for a creative experience that is profoundly rewarding. Please spread the word and if you know a musician who wants to keep the music alive, refer them here!

This is an interactive experience:
Get your instrument out and get ready to play.
You will receive materials in the form of pdf’s, mp3’s, you-tube links etc.
This includes weekly assignments in balance with your level and the theme of the workshop.
Live streaming offers many benefits. It is an enriching positive communal learning experience. Our faculty is top notch and experienced in the flow of online learning.

Tech: We use Zoom as our streaming program which is free for students to download, shared google docs and email for pdf transfers, shared screen/computer audio for youtube links, irealpro (optional) and mp3’s. Are you not sure if your equipment setup is sufficient? Let us help you to ensure that you will be ready to participate.

Instrumentalists, Vocalists, Drummers, Percussionists and students of all ages are all welcome. Courses include Jazz Theory, Virtual Jazz Combos, Blues Study, BeBop Analysis, Transcriptions, Jazz History, Instrumental Pedagogy, Jazz Vocal Courses and More!
Work with the Central Coasts best jazz professionals and faculty members at SBCC from the comfort of your own home.


What are the Dates and Times?
Summer Jazz begins during our 2nd session of summer school. The dates are 6/29 - 8/6. Classes meet M-Th from 1pm-3:30.

How do I sign up?
Simply go to this link to begin the application process
Sign up for Summer II and under MUS classes, search for Summer Jazz Seminar. We have several
sections you may enroll in. For High School and Jr. High Students, on that page
is a Dual Enrollment link. Please click on that for information. UNIT FEES ARE

How much does it cost?
Jazz Camp is a 3 unit class through SBCC for the general public. The cost per unit is $46. With
additional college fees, the total for this 6 week course is about $156. Some
Jazz camps start at $1500. This camp is affordable and fun!

Can anyone sign up?
Yes. This camp is open for students of all ages and experience.

What are the requirements?
Students will need to have internet access through a mobile device, tablet, or
desktop to participate.

All ages and grade levels welcome!

Music 132 & 133, MTWTH 1-3:30PM.

Students registering after Sunday, June 28th will need to contact Anthony Ybarra for a special add code.

The first day to register is May 20th.

Frequently asked questions:

How to enroll a student age 12 or younger?
(Click here)

How to enroll a student who has completed 8th grade this year and is age 13 or older?
(Click here)

How to enroll a student who has completed 9th, 10th or 11th grade this year?
(Click here)

I have vacation plans but still want to participate.
We pride ourselves on hosting an inclusive program. Vacation plans are usually not an issue. Please notify Anthony Ybarra if you have any questions.

Why are there so many course numbers listed on the Dual Enrollment Approval Form?
If it is your first time attending the Jazz Seminar, you only need to enroll in Mus 132A (CRN 80674).

The extra courses are on the forn because the state does not allow students to repeat a course. So if you wanted to come back next year and there was only one course on the form, you would have to go all the way back to your school with a different course number and get another signature. By listing all the courses on one form, repeat students don't have to remember the exact course number they've enrolled in previous years, and it saves parents the trouble of making multiple trips to the student's school and the SBCC Admissions office.

I brought the completed forms to the Admissions and Records office at SBCC but they gave me more paperwork to complete.
Contact Anthony Ybarra immediately!
Occasionally there are new employees at the counseling desk who are unaware that our jazz students below the 9th grade do not require additional interviews or paperwork. If you are being asked to complete additional requirements beyond a Admissions Application High School Dual Enrollment form, and Parent Consent Form ask to speak to the Supervisor of Admissions.

I have exceeded the maximum number of repeats for this class.
This problem has been fixed.. The solution is to enroll in Music 132B (CRN# 80473) instead of Mus 132 or 133.